There are so many ways to stay in touch these days. Thanks to the internet, Tanzania is really not that far away! One of the ways that we love to stay up to date with friends that are not here in Moshi with us is through email newsletters. We have two newsletters that we send out periodically and we encourage you to sign up for both!

The Stivers in Tanzania

The first is our personal newsletter where we share more personal things like prayer requests, what is going on with us personally and a little about our ministry.
You can sign up for The Stivers in Tanzania newsletter by clicking here.

Kingdom Families

The second newsletter is the one that we do for Kingdom Families. This is really where share about the work that we’re overseeing in Kilimanjaro. You’ll hear not as much about us personally, but much more about the work that Kingdom Families is doing to see God place the lonely in families.
You can sign up for the Kingdom Families newsletter by clicking here.


Along with newsletters, we do enjoy connecting through social media, so please feel free to reach out to us online too.
We have our family Facebook page here.
Melissa’s Instagram here.
Brandon’s Twitter here.

Let’s Stay in Touch!

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